Ferry Toronto Island

The Ferry Toronto Island takes you to the Toronto Islands, which are located in Lake Ontario. Also often referred to as Toronto Island Park, the islands are only a 13-minute ferry ride away from the city of Toronto. Visiting Toronto Island by ferry is considered a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle life in downtown Toronto. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Toronto skyline from a distance.

Ferry Toronto Island

Within the heart of downtown Toronto, the ferry to Toronto Island service is operated from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. You can find this terminal at the corner of Bay Street and Queens Quay. Although the ferry to Toronto Island is usually crowded on the weekends and holidays, it will provide service to all passengers. During the summer period the ferry departs every 15 minutes.

The short ferry ride takes you to three different islands: Centre Island, Hanlan’s Point and Ward’s Island. These islands are connected to each other by pathways and bridges, this allows you to explore the whole area yourself during a hike or bike ride. Please note that bicycles are not allowed to be placed on the upper deck.

The ferry is the most convenient and safe way to visit the islands. A large amount of life jackets are available in case something happens. The ferries are also accessible for wheelchairs and they can be provided as well. Due to weather conditions and high tides, the ferry service may get temporarily stopped.

Ferry Toronto Island
Photo by Edward Koorey on Unsplash

Ferry Toronto Tickets

Buying tickets for the Toronto Ferry can be done either in-person at the terminal or online. During weekends, holidays and sunny days it can get crowded so it’s recommended to buy your ferry Toronto tickets online. All tickets sold are return tickets. Please remember that buying tickets in advance, either online or in-person, does not guarantee priority boarding on any ferry. Read more about ferry Toronto tickets.

Toronto Island Ferry ticket prices

The Toronto Island Ferry ticket prices are low. For only $ 8.19 you can purchase a return ticket for adults. Tickets for seniors ($ 5.37), teenagers ($ 5.37) and children ($ 3.95) are offered at a discounted rate. Taxes not included. Infants under 2 travel for free. On the ferry you are allowed to bring pets, bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs at no extra cost. Cars are not allowed unless you have a special permit for this.

Ferry Toronto Parking

Parking for the ferry to Toronto Island is available at different parking lots near the ferry terminal. Only some service vehicles are permitted on the island, cars of regular visitors are not allowed on the islands. Parking in Toronto can get expensive, so it is recommended to travel to the ferry terminal on public transit. Read more about parking for the Toronto ferry.

Toronto Island Ferry Schedule

Although a lot of people visit Toronto Island in the summer, there are always tickets for the ferry service available due to the frequent departures. The ferry departs and returns multiple times an hour, up to four times. During the winter the departures and destinations are limited due to low temperatures and high tides. Read more about the Toronto Island Ferry Schedule.

Centre Island

Centre Island is located in the center of the three islands. Because of this, the ferry departs most frequently to this location. On Centre Island you can find the Centreville amusement park which attracts many families in the summer. During the winter, the ferry service to Centre Island is cancelled. The ferry to Centre Island departs on average every 30 minutes and returns every 15 minutes. At the ferry terminal you can find several amenities like washrooms, Pizza Pizza outlets, snack bars and restaurants.

Centreville is an amusement park on Toronto Island

Visiting the Centreville amusement park is a fun activity, especially for families and kids. The park offers more than 30 rides and games which are suitable for all age groups. These include the wading pools, carousel, mini roller coaster, bumper boats, swan boats, motor cars of antique style, tea cups, mini fire engines and a swing boat. On some rides kids needs to be accompanied by an adult. Centreville is closed during the winter period.

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Hanlan’s Point

Hanlan’s Point is the most greenish, uncrowded recreational point of Toronto Island and is located on the westside. Hanlan’s Point has a nice beach and is a great location for fishing and bird watching. It’s possible to bring your car on the ferry to Hanlan’s Point, although only some service vehicles are permitted on the island.

Ward’s Island

A third option to visit Toronto Island is to take the ferry to Ward’s Island, which is located on the far east. Just like Hanlan’s Point this area is also a great location for bird watching and fishing. There are also many bike trails available.